Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Project Begins!

Welcome to Dare to Touch the Face of God blog!

Over the next several years, I plan to use this space as journal, a sounding board and a forum to generate ideas, work out details, discuss your concerns and grow the project.

As you might already know, this project is my response to the overwhelming religious hatred we hear almost everyday. Dare to Touch the Face of God is a planned series of intimate photographic portraits of religious leaders and lay people of the widest possible faith spectrum. I will work with subjects to capture their sense of practice or understanding of their faith practices and principles.

The series is intended to capture to breadth of religious understanding among people, and to further the definition of God.

The work will be presented as a public exhibition, on on-line exhibition and discussion, and a published book.

Want to know more? The dedicated website is http://www.daretotouchthefaceofgod.com.

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